Point-of-Entry ozone systems

The very reactive nature of ozone makes it the ideal oxidant for residential point-of-entry water treatment. Ozone will:

  • destroy bacteria and viruses
  • precipitate heavy metals such as iron and manganese, allowing them to be filtered
  • eliminate colour from water such as the yellowish colour caused by tannin
  • remove the rotten egg smell from water caused by hydrogen sulfide

Ozomax point-of-entry (POE) systems are designed to be plug-and-play systems in that all required components are pre-assembled and wired on a skid. Installation consists of connecting the water inlet and outlet and providing electricity.

The amount of ozone required to achieve the desired treatment results is a function of the water's analysis. To obtain a quote, send us your request here or fill out the Information Request form.

The OZO-1VTTL OZO-VAC POE skid (5 g/h O3) shown includes a vacuum air dryer, OZO-VAC (top left). Air is siphonned by the venturi through the air dryer and then through the ozonator. The ozone produced is injected in the water and mixed using a static mixer. Skid includes pre and post filters, a venturi and static mixer. No compressor is required.

The venturi, static mixer, ozone mixing chamber and post filters are found on the back of the skid. The skid is mounted on wheels to facilitate its movement from place to place.

The OZO-1VTTL POE (10 g/h) skid shown includes an oxygen concentrator (below ozonator on left). The use of oxygen feed doubles the ozone output of the ozone generator, yielding an output of 10 g/h. The required compressor and all accessories including water filters are pre-assembled and wired on the skid.

Ozomax manufacturers a variety of accessories such as ozone destructs, ozone monitors/controllers in air and in water.

Based on the water analysis, Ozomax engineers can custom design a water treatment system to meet any requirement.