Pool and Spa ozone treatment systems

Ozomax offers two types of pool treatment systems.

Ozomax Ozone Pool Treatment systems can:

  • Totally eliminate the use of chlorine in your pool or spa
  • Provide sparkling, clear water with minimal maintenance and additives
  • Kill bacteria and viruses found in the water
  • Eliminate organic contaminants such as urine
  • Unlike chlorine, ozone will not irritate your eyes, your lungs or bleach your bathing suit
  • Unlike chlorine, ozone will not produce any harmful by-products
residential pool ozone cleaning systems


Government of Canada does not recognize the fact that ozone destroys all bacteria, viruses, etc. and could be used as a sole disinfectant in swimming pools, cooling towers and similar water treatment applications. Therefore any claims on this website about ozone disinfecting properties cannot be used or be accepted in any such applications in Canada.

Use of ozone as a sole disinfectant for bottling water and food disinfection purposes is allowed in Canada and is approved by Canadian Health Agencies.