Point-of-use ozone systems

Ozomax manufactures residential treatment systems to treat water at one faucet (POU systems) and systems to treat water for the entire house (POE systems).

Point-of-use (POU) systems

Ozone is applied in a wide-range of water treatment processes due to its strong oxidising capability, however, conventional ozone generators are too bulky to be used in point-of-installations.

Ozomax has overcome this limitation by developing a method by which ozone can be produced directly from the water to be treated itself instead of producing ozone from a dry air or dry oxygen gas source. This technology, known as OZO-PEN, eliminates the need for auxiliary equipment, namely, compressors, air dryers, oxygen concentrators and ozone injectors required by concevntional ozone generators. By doing so, the OZO-PEN technology requires only a fraction of the space needed by conventional ozone generators.

The OZO-PEN product line includes handheld ozone generators, portable ozone producing water bottles and water treatment systems that may be installed over-the-counter or under-the-counter.

residential over the counter unit

The Megabottle may be used to ozonate water using the power adapter supplied or an alternative DC power source; for example a solar panel. The integrated OZO-PEN may also be purchased separately and used to ozonate water in any size container. Larger models capable of treating spas are also available.

residential residential point of use megabottle

The Ozomax OZO-PEN POU is the same size as any counter-top filtration system but provides superior water quality through ozone disinfection. Models with pre and post filters are also available.

residential ozone point of use

Compact enough to fit under the kitchen counter, the OZO-PEN POU includes three treatment steps: carbon filtration to remove chlorine from municipal water, ozonation and post filtration. Controls to automatically turn the ozonation on and off depending on water demand are also included.

For more information on the installation and performance of these products, consult the following manuals: