Residential products overview

Producing high-quality drinking water from virtually any source (well water, surface water, or municipal water) is Ozomax's speciality.

Ozomax's comprehensive product line ranges from portable ozone producing water bottles to plug-and play water treatment systems for the entire home. Swimming Pool water disinfection systems for salt-less and salt pools are also available.

Ozone products

residential ozonator


Ozomax has a wide-range of gaseous ozone generators suitable for residential applications.

Point-of-Use (POU) systems

A POU system treats water from one faucet in the home, for example the kitchen faucet. These systems can be installed either above or under the kitchen counter.

Ozomax is also proud to be the only manufacturer of portable, handheld ozone generators and ozone producing water bottles.

residential point of use ozonesystems
residential point of entry ozone systems

Plug and play Point-of-Entry (POE) systems

A POE treatment system treats water for the whole house. Ozomax POE systems are pre-assembled and wired on a skid so installation becomes as simple as connecting the water inlet, the water outlet and the main electrical line.

Pool treatment systems

Never use chlorine in your pool again! Ozomax ozone pool treatment system will provide crystal clear pool water without the hassle and health concerns associated with chlorine pool treatment.

residential pool ozone treatment systems

Residential Air Treatment

Need to improve air quality in your home? Whether you need to simply improve the air quality or eliminate VOC from your workshop, Ozomax can provide a customised solution to meet your needs.

residential ozone air treatment