Product patents

Ozomax product patents cover these main product categories

VTT, VTTL, HDHF and SDHF product series: Corona Discharge Ozone Generators

Our patented corona discharge ozone cells are found at the heart of our VTT, VTTL, HDHF and SDHF ozone generators. These very efficient corona cells produce gaseous ozone from air or oxygen gas with very little heat generation. This allows us to air-cool our ozone generators. Unlike our competitors, Ozomax ozone generators do not require any water cooling making them easy to install and to maintain.

Our modular design means, short of a catastrophic event, our ozone generators will never be 100% unoperational. Then, servicing is simply a matter of switching the faulty module which can be done in a matter of minutes.

INSITU product series: Electrolytic ozone generators

Our revolutionary INSITU ozone generators are quite honestly too good to be true. Our patented ozone generating electrolytic cells produce ozone from the water itself completely eliminating the hassle of trying to get ozone gas to dissolve properly. Venturies and diffusers are simply not needed. Nor are compressors, air dryers, and oxygen concentrators. This not only simplifies installation and maintenance but it also reduces cost.

In addition to easy installation and maintenance, the INSITU ozone process also allows the simultaneous disinfection and elimination of COD, ammonia and phosphates from water in one unit!

OZO-PEN product series: Portable, handheld ozone generators

We are proud to announce the development of the world's only battery powered handheld ozone and mixed oxidant generator.

Our revolutionary OZO-PEN product line contains our patent-pending ozone generating cells which require only a small power source (either standard AA or 9V batteries or a small solar cell or other) to produce up to 1 ppm of ozone in a glass of water in a matter of 0.5 to 2 minutes (depending of course, on the conductivity of the water being treated). Since most harmful micro-organisms require about 0.1 ppm for 1 minutes to be killed the OZO-PEN series of products offer you a powerful water disinfection system that fits in the palm of your hand!

We have adapted this same technology to our over-the-counter and under-the-counter point-of-use water treatment systems.

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