Municipal water treatment

Ozomax has designed and supervised the installation of several turn-key municipal drinking water treatment plants. At the heart of these water treatment systems are our patented ozone generators.

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Standard Ozonator features

  • Patented corona discharge electrode
  • High ozone concentrations
  • Stable ozone production
  • Easy maintenance and service
  • Low energy consumption
  • Light weight and compact design
  • Several safety features to protect from out-of-spec operating conditions
    • Over-heating thermal cut-out
    • Low feed gas cut-out
  • Pilot lights indicating
    • Green light: Ozone generator is electrically powered
    • Yellow light: Ozone is being produced
  • Customised control interfaces
  • Industry leading warranty - 5 year Corona Cell / 1 year limited


Actual Ozomax Installations

Lameque, New Brunswick Canada (150 gpm, 600 L/min)

Jakarta, Indonesia