Industrial INSITU ozone systems

Ozomax INSITU Ozone systems have been installed in business and factories worldwide for a variety of applications. Some applications include:

  • Cooling tower water treatment
  • Laundry water recycling
  • Textile water recycling
  • Septic water treatment
  • Ammonia and phosphate reduction
  • And many more...

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Ozomax systems can be purchased fully assembled and wired at our factory so installation becomes a matter of 1-2-3

  • Connecting water inlet
  • Connecting the water outlet
  • Connecting the electrical supply

INSITU Ozone Generator Components

Ozomax INSITU Ozone Pool treatment systems consist of two (2) components:

INSITU Ozone generator:

Produces ozone and mixed oxidants from the pool water itself.

INSITU Power Supply:Provides DC power to the INSITU ozone generator.

The internal computerized controller (PLC controller) allows

  • the user to select the power level desired
  • the constant monitoring and control of the power required to maintain the desired level of dissolved ozone
  • the automatic initiation of the INSITU ozone generator cleaning cycle to ensure that the internal electrodes are clean and working optimally

How does the INSITU ozone generator work?

Ozomax patented IN-SITU ozone generators produce ozone not from air or gaseous oxygen but directly from water using a patented electro-catalytic dissociation process. The resulting nascent oxygen in the presence of precious metal catalysts produces a mixture of powerful oxidants including oxygen radicals, ozone, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals. These work together to oxidize and eliminate organic and inorganic pollutants and are especially effective in destroying micro-organisms.

INSITU ozone generators are most economical when treating water with a fairly high conductivity (TDS > 500 ppm.)

Since ozone is produced directly from the water itself Ozomax INSITU ozone generators

  • are unaffected by ambient humidity and temperature
  • acquire no mass transfer losses - all of the ozone produced is dissolved
  • do not require any accessories such as air driers or venturis thereby making them easier to install
  • require no maintenance as computerised power supply automatically initiates the cleaning cycle at a pre-determined frequency

So, in short INSITU ozone generators

  • Save space
  • Save costs since no accessories are required
  • Save on operating expenses since no compressors or pre-pressurization pumps are required
  • Incur no mass transfer losses. All of the ozone that is produced is dissolved.