OZOPEN POU Ozone Generator

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Standard Features:

  • Precious metal anode
  • 20 VDC (4 -6A)power supply
  • NSF approved housing & filters
  • Treated water has 0.1 to 0.2 PPM of residual Ozone at 500 PPM of dissolved solids at 2 GPM flow rate
  • Solar panel operation optional
  • Pressure switch for on/off control
  • Require minimum maintenance


Ozone output:
0.1 to 0.5 ppm in 1L depending on flow rate.
TDS = 500 to 1000 ppm
Power supply 20 VDC, 4 or 6 Amps

5x 12 inches (see picture)

400 g (0.45 lbs)

ozomax ozopen insert

OZOPEN insert

residential residential point of use water

POU over the counter

residential ozone point of use

POU under the counter