Corona discharge method

What does corona discharge mean?

The gaseous ozone generator produces ozone by mimicking the action of lightening on oxygen found in our atmosphere. In nature, lightning produces ozone by cleaving oxygen molecules found in ambient air into oxygen atoms. These oxygen atoms react with oxygen molecules to form tri-atomic oxygen, also known as ozone.

This process is reproduced in our ozone generators. A high voltage power supply found inside the ozone generator provides the energy required to form electrical arcs, known as corona discharges

inside the patented corona cells. These corona discharges cleave the oxygen molecule into oxygen atoms which recombine to form ozone. This process is known as the "corona discharge method" of producing ozone.

What is the difference between corona discharge ozone generators and UV ozone generators?

Our corona discharge ozone generators produce ozone concentrations of up to 10wt% with dry oxygen feed. Other ozone generators based on the UV method of producing ozone can produce only 0.2wt% at best.

This is an important consideration when selecting an ozone generator for your home. Henry's law of gas solubility dictates that the higher the concentration of ozone in the gas phase the higher the dissolved ozone concentration. The more contaminated the water the more ozone is required to clean it. UV ozone generators simply cannot treat cloudy water or water containing heavy metals, tannin, or odours.


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