Commercial products overview

The powerful oxidative and disinfecting properties of ozone render it very useful in a number of commercial applications ranging from air treatment, to water bottling, to waste water treatment. In addition to its comprehensive product line, Ozomax offers more than 20 years of experience in the engineering of ozone generator systems for a wide-range of applications.

Commercial Ozone products

commercial ozonators


Ozomax has a wide-range of gaseous ozone generators suitable for commercial applications

Water treatment systems

Ozomax's strength is its applications know-how. Based on the application, water analysis and desired objective, Ozomax can custom build a system to meet your budget and space requirements.

commercial ozonator
commercial ozone generator

Swimming Pool and Spa Water treatment systems

Are you tired of your eyes burning after taking a dip or purchasing a new swimsuit every year because yours has worn out from the chlorine? Ozomax can supply the right ozone generator to sanitize your pool. No more bloodshot eyes guaranteed!

Air treatment systems

Need to improve air quality in your office or factory? Whether you need to simply improve office air quality or eliminate VOC from your paint shop, Ozomax can provide a customised solution to meet your needs.

commercial Air treatment systems