wastewater treatment ozonator setupOzone is a highly reactive form of oxygen, capable of converting organic molecules to water and carbon dioxide. This is called mineralization. Ozone will also react with heavy metals such as iron, and manganese to form precipitates which are easily filterable.

Moreover, under certain operating conditions ozone can be converted to hydroxyl radicals which are even more powerful oxidisers than ozone itself. Processes in which ozone is converted to hydroxyl radicals to achieve higher reaction rates are known as Advanced Oxidation Processes

Ozone and Ozone AOP is used to treat a wide variety of wastewater including:

  • Textile
  • Meat processing
  • Animal waste treatment
  • Septic
  • Cutting fluids recycling
  • Chicken egg processing effluent
  • Laundry water recycling

Download a technical article on ozone oxidation capabilities

ozone for wastewater treatment