Pools & Spas

Pools & Spas ozonator setupOzone is an effective disinfectant killing bacteria, viruses, spores, mold and algae. Ozone can be used alone to treat pools & spas or can be combined with sodium bromide to provide a residual in pools that are not continuously recirculated.

Ozone (O3) reacts with sodium bromide (NaBr) to form hypobromous acid (HOBr) which itself is a powerful bactericide. Upon reacting with an organic molecule in the pool water hypobromous acid is converted back to bromide. This bromide then reacts with ozone to form hypobromous acid and the cycle begins again.

The advantages of ozone pool treatment over chlorine are:

  • Water is odour-free
  • Water will not dry the skin or irritate the eyes
  • Ozone will not produce THMs (Tri-Halo Methanes)
  • Ozone will not bleach hair or bathing suits

Ozomax manufactures two types of ozone pool water treatment systems:

Gaseous ozone pool treatment

INSITU ozone pool treatment

ozone for Pools and Spas