Food disinfection

Food disinfection is understandably one of the highest importance in the food industry. Ozone is an efficient disinfecting agent and is therefore, very useful in many areas of food processing and packaging.

ozone application on foodOzone food disinfection is a solution for a multitude of food safety issues for meats, grains, vegetables, fruits, packaging industry & transport without refrigeration As concerns about the health effects of chlorine treatment by-products rise, ozone food disinfection is gaining an important role in many food applications, including:

  • Fruit and vegetable disinfection
  • Poultry chiller water treatment
  • Meat storage
  • Spice and nut disinfection
  • Seafood disinfection
  • Food storage to extend shelf-life and prevent pest infestation (grains, potatoes etc)
  • Ozonated ice for extending shelf-life of seafood, and produce
  • Wheat tempering with ozonated water to reduce microbial count in flour