Cooling Towers Ozone Treatment

cooling towers ozonator setupThe use of Ozone cooling towers is not only good for the environment but also good for the bottom line.

Ozone, a powerful biocide and oxidant, affords several advantages over the traditional chemical treatment of cooling towers.

The Ozone cooling tower application can be achieved by Ozone in gaseous phase where Ozone is produced by Corona discharge or Ozone produced INSITU by water electrolysis in presence of Precious metal catalyst. See link to document below & Ozomax video link in website

Many studies and articles were published about Cooling tower ozone applications such as :

  • Elimination of Legionnaire's Disease as well as other water-borne bacteria and viruses (link below to legionnela 1)
  • Prevention of the formation of algae thus reducing fouling and increasing heat-transfer efficiency
  • Reduction in blowdown thus reducing water costs
  • Reduction in total operation and maintenance costs

Download a technical article on the use of ozone for cooling towers

Download a technical article on how ozone eliminate legionella in cooling towers

ozone for cooling towers


The Government of Canada does not recognize the fact that ozone destroys all bacteria, viruses, etc. and could be used as a sole disinfectant in swimming pools, cooling towers and similar water treatment applications. Therefore any claims on this website about ozone disinfecting properties cannot be used or be accepted in any such applications in Canada.

The use of ozone as a sole disinfectant for bottling water and food disinfection purposes is allowed in Canada and is approved by Canadian Health Agencies.