Ozomax manufactures both ozone in air monitors and dissolved ozone monitors.

OZO-AIR, Ozone in air monitor (up to 10 ppm)

ozone in air monitorThe OZO-AIR ozone in air monitor can be used to shut-down the ozone generator if the ambient air ozone concentration exceeds the maximum recommended exposure limit of 0.1 ppm

Control the ozone generator to maintain the desired level of ozone in air concentration required to carry out a certain treatment (up to 10 pmm).

Be sure to let us know your application when ordering, so we can recommend the best model for you.


OZO-MINIHICON, Ozone in air monitor (up to 10wt%)

Ozone in air monitorThis monitor allows the continuous monitoring and control of ozone in the ozone generator output and the ozone concentration in a treatment chamber

The OZO-MINICON can read up to 10wt%. We can skid mount the monitor along with the required ozone sampling pump, stainless steel piping to facilitate installation. Skid comes fully assembled and pre-wired.


OZO-REC, ORP Dissolved ozone monitor

ORP Dissolved ozone monitorThe OZO-REC Ozone controller uses REDOX potential to monitor the Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP or Redox) of the water being ozonated. The front panel features an LCD which displays the ORP readings in millivolts and also features a scannable menu.

The operator dials directly the ORP set points (control level, high alarm and low alarm ) that need to be maintained. The controller automatically activates the Ozonator as required to maintain the proper concentration regardless of fluctuations in water flow rate, contamination and temperature.

Initially, a calibration curve correlating ORP millivolts with ozone concentration in ppm must be defined for the water being treated. This curve is constructed by simultaneously taking ORP readings and DPD readings (see our Water test kits) of water samples ozonated at different levels.