Accessories overview

Ozomax has a wide range of air dryers, ozone monitors, ozone injectors, ozone destruct equipment and water test kits.

Ozone products accessories

ozonator Air dryers

Air dryers

Ozomax manufacturers both vaccum air dryers and pressure-swing adsorption (PSA) air dryers.

Ozone Monitors

Our dissolved ozone monitors can be easily interfaced with our ozone generators to automatically maintain the desired level of ozone in your process.

Our ozone in air monitors automatically shutdown down the ozonitor should the ambient ozone levels exceed 0.1 ppm.

Ozone Monitors
Ozone destruct

Ozone destruct

Our ozone destruct units convert excess ozone back to oxygen.

Ozone injectors

We supply a full range of ozone venturi ozone injectors and ozone diffusers.

venturi ozone injectors
ozopen POU ozone generator

Water test kits

Quickly analyse your drinking water and pool/spa water with our handy test kits.


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