Food disinfection

Food disinfection become a major concern for food industry & consumers so Ozone is the answer as Ozone is a powerful disinfection capability has made it very useful in many areas of food processing and packaging.

ozone application on foodOzone food disinfection is a solution for a multitude of food safety issues for meats, grains,vegetables,fruits,packaging industry & transport without refrigeration

As concerns about the health effects of chlorine treatment by-products rise, ozone food disinfection is gaining an important role in many food applications, including:

  • Fruit and vegetable disinfection
  • Poultry chiller water treatment
  • Meat storage
  • Spice and nut disinfection
  • Seafood disinfection
  • Food storage to extend shelf-life and prevent pest infestation (grains, potatoes etc)
  • Ozonated ice for extending shelf-life of seafood, and produce
  • Wheat tempering with ozonated water to reduce microbial count in flour


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